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What exactly is intuition?

“Intuition-the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.”

The dictionary has a pretty vague definition of what we consider intuition to be. So for the longest time I just assumed that this deep, full, and intent “knowing” was something EVERYONE had. I soon found out that wasn’t the case at all.

For me, my intuition comes in many forms;

I feel things before they happen, I have a secure and deep “knowing”, I see visions, I hear my inner guides speak… it really all depends on the emotional level and where I’m at in my journey. When I first started listening to my inner guide, it was a very soft, faint voice. As I deepened my understanding and relationship to cultivating my intuition, that voice spoke louder and louder.

That voice told me, “you aren’t serving yourself by staying in a job you dislike”. So I quit my job while I was on a life changing retreat in Kauai. That voice also told me, “You are SO supported”. So I stayed on the island for a whole month, finding my path, meeting amazing people who showed me the enormous possibilities my intuition was capable of. This same voice told me, “Your teachers are in San Diego”. I left with a duffle bag full of clothes and headed west to figure out my next move. I met amazing guides and teachers who gave me the opportunity to work side by side with them.

Within my adventures and journey I will be sharing the subtle shifts, the big moments, and share my insights of cultivating your intuition and the importance of listening to your inner guide.

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