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Healing Through Adversity w/ Tomas Ramos Podcast Notes

Adversity Affects Us All

Everyone meets challenges and adversity throughout their life. We have a decision to make whether we decide to play the victim role or use our challenges and roadblocks as pillars for us to grow. Tomas Ramos is no stranger to adversity, and has used his challenges to help implement change within his community in the Bronx, New York. Tomas is currently running for congress (NY-15) and has shown amazing strides to becoming an effective leader and voice for his community. In this episode we speak about mental health, hope, adversity, healing through therapy, cultural and systemic issues that affect lower-income communities and so much more. It’s my honor to share with you this episode!

Update Post Podcast

A quick update from the podcast in 2019: Tomas Ramos unfortunately was not elected to congress for the NY-15 district. During the pandemic throughout 2020, Tomas and his team took their skills of door to door canvasing and utilized their teams to inform elderly people of the Bronx community to get vaccinated.

Tomas Ramos is now the President, Founder and CEO of Bronx Rising Initiative which uplifts and provides critical resources to the Bronx healthcare institutions, families and first responders.

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