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The importance of clearing + cleansing your space…

This isn’t a how-to or tutorial on smudging or cleansing. That’s what Pinterest is for. I want to talk about the WHY and the importance in cleansing a space, clearing your energy and how this ancient practice is a common ritual in our home.

If you find yourself living a stressful life, in a go-go-go environment, or even feel that coming home isn’t a sacred place, more of an army-zone, then energy cleansing + smudging may be something for you to practice.

Many of us do not realize that the emotions and feelings we carry settle into our body and system long after that big fight happened or from that grueling drive home in mid day traffic. Our home should be a sacred place. Our home is our sanctuary where we create a life for ourselves, family and even children. If we bring our negative energy back home with us, it’s almost as if we’re adding dead, stagnant energy to a place that was once so beautiful and sacred.

By cleansing ourselves, our homes – heck- even our pets, we’re cleansing away the negativity, and all that is holding us from being our bright, vibrant and true selves.

Our home is definitely a sacred place.

It’s also a place where we have many people coming and going. My partner is a personal trainer and trains his clients at our home gym. I work from home as well as bring people to our in home studio for portraits from time to time. We have friends and family and roommates in and out all the time. It can get a little stressful.

I’ve come to a point where I let my intuitive higher self be the judge on when it’s time to do a cleanse. Maybe I just encountered a person who drained me of all my energy. Maybe I just got into an argument with my partner. Perhaps we’re bringing some new furniture into the house. No matter how big or how “silly” I may judge a situation to be, I listen to that inner voice. Sometimes it’s a loud voice saying, “CLEANSE THIS HOME!!!”. Other times it’s a soft faint voice suggesting I smudge myself to clear all my energy for some creative insight to channel through me. Whatever the case, I listen. And I’ve seen ( and felt! ) great rewards by honoring the energy within me as well as honoring my home as a sacred place.

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