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Finding clarity on your desires are so important when it comes to manifesting. When we focus on our finances, many of our own limiting beliefs can be the very thing that is blocking us. One of the major catalyst to making quantum leaps in your manifesting practice is shifting your money mindset. In the Money Miracle Manifestation Course, we pin point our money blocks and work with different tools to help us shift our money mindset. Below I highlight three key principles to practice when you begin shifting your money mindset from a scarcity mindset to an abundant one.


The Magic In Shifting Your Money Mindset

There are so many components that affect our Money Mindset. We all come to the table with different triumphs and traumas, and because of this, our money blockages show up differently. Some of us have had toxic imprinting when it comes to money and earning, others have never had to worry about money but still feel dissatisfied. So how do we untangle this mess? Finding clarity can be tricky when we don’t even know where to start. Some questions that I like to start out and ask myself are:


  • ” What do I feel like my soul is craving?”
  • “What currently excites me the most?”
  • “How have my finances affected my happiness?”
  • “Where do I feel tension in my body when I think about my finances?”
  • “Am I on the path towards my passions?”
  • “Am I doing what I really want to be doing/creating”


Dismantle Your Childhood beliefs Regarding Money

As children, we are constantly gathering information and sometimes, even when our parents may mean well, the belief systems that are imprinted onto us may sometime become more toxic than intended.


Having such a limited belief about money, manifesting and the abundance of money that is constantly available to me- can hold you back a lot in life.

I will be the first to acknowledge my privilege that I experienced in my childhood. However, no matter how comfortable my experience was, I was constantly witnessing my Mother worry about bills, spending money and was constantly stressed. I was taught to value money in order to obtain a favorable or desired experience. As you can imagine, this was a very restrictive way to experience money and abundance. Not only was it limiting, it also didn’t feel good. My relationship with money was a huge rollercoaster. I always felt this sense of “lack” and just couldn’t figure out how to get back, “on top”. The major key principle that I implemented into my life was shifting my mindset.


How Do We Dismantle Beliefs?

Dismantling old beliefs that don’t serve you is complicated and can become overwhelming. First off- take a huge breath, YOU GOT THIS. I cover this more in depth in the Money Miracle Manifestation Course, however I would love to share with you some of the tips that helped me dismantle some old, toxic beliefs regarding my Money Story.


  • Take a moment to meditate on some of the phrases or sayings you heard your parents/ caregivers say in regards to finances and money
  • As you think of these sayings and phrases, ask yourself – would Adult You accept those beliefs today? Why or why not?
  • Understand that many of our fear-based beliefs usually aren’t our own
  • Explore new avenues and create new beliefs. You let someone else’s belief control how you view money and finances for so long- it’s time to give yourself permission to change that view point and create a whole new story/ experience
  • Create your own money mantras, look up money manifestation affirmations that align with you. Be as creative as you want to be here!


Change Your Money Story

Whether you feel financially secure and maybe you’re just getting by or maybe you’re in the middle of complicated debt, the first step is finding clarity within the present moment. Ask yourself how you currently feel about your situation.

Once we have been truly honest and identified how we feel in the present moment, we can then open an entire new door to create a new story/reality/ circumstance for ourselves.

Before- I used to tell myself the story I had to work extremely hard just to make enough to get by. Even though that may have been my current state- I also identified that it made me feel very “less than” because of it. Once I changed my story to, “ Everything that is coming to me supports me and my journey and I have the willingness and capacity to accept more abundance and more finances” – I began to notice shifts. I changed the dialogue in my head and how I was perceiving my reality.


Some of my favorite Money Shift Sayings

“I need to justify saving money” >> “I feel safe spending money”

“I need to constantly chase a paycheck” >> “I am constantly attracting opportunities and money”

“Everyone has more than me” >> “I am worthy of prosperity”


Begin to Love Money

Money feels the same way about you that you feel about it! You cannot genuinely build a positive money mindset if you have constant negative feelings towards money.

You are SO allowed to experience and enjoy wealth and abundance !

Many times when we feel disconnected, it seems like an impossible task to begin the work if recalibration gets your system and changing your approach to your blockages. I totally understand- been there MANY times!

Here’s the beautiful part – this isn’t an overnight process’s give yourself props for being curious about what’s holding you back and looking for tools to ease they process. Acknowledging our perceived, “weaknesses”,  isn’t an easy (or fun) task. It takes vulnerability to admit we may not have it all together and we may not have all the answers. It takes control and accountability to implement positive changes and rituals/habits. No matter where you are in your journey, start where you are at. Your only competing with your future version of yourself.

If you follow Activated Living on social media you have probably heard this before – healing is NOT linear. Healing and navigating your money story doesn’t have a point A to B. There are ups and downs, and beautiful spaces that show us sometimes, what we perceive to be our weakness is actually our biggest strength.


Practical + Tangible Tools to Shift Your Money Mindset

If you’re like me, you want to get your hands on ALL the tools and start beginning to changing your mindset. Here are some of my favorite and most useful resources.


Books + Resources


Money, A Love Story… By Kate Northrup


The Energy of Money… By Maria Nemeth


Rich Dad Poor Dad… By Robert Kiyosaki


Unf*ck Your Finances… by Melissa Browne


Podcasts That Inspire

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