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What is included in the course?

Other Materials Needed

Other Materials Needed

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What is included in the course?

This Course IS For You If...


Yes, yes, YES! This course is formulated so that you only need to dedicate 30 minutes a day. This is valuable time that you’re investing into YOURSELF to help break the barriers and blockages that may be interfering with you and your abundance. 

We’re all different, and we all come to the table with different money-mindsets and triumphs and traumas. During the 31 days, you may be feeling slightly challenged, as we are working collectively to break toxic financial cycles and move through different negative belief systems and patterns. That’s what the private FB Group is for! You get 24/7 access to the collective group to support you through any challenging feelings that may come up during the 4 weeks. You may also experience feelings of release, a stronger sense of foundation and purpose, as you activate different tools to help move through your financial blockages with grace and ease. 

This course is for anyone who is looking to change their belief and patterns of living in a scarcity or poverty mindset. Debt is a scary monster, but it doesn’t have to completely control your world. Will taking this course get you immediately out of debt? Probably not. But we will be collectively discussing and obtaining different tools that will help you look at money and finances differently, and open up channels of abundance.

Absolutely not! This course is available and welcomes all genders, non-binary people, agender, androgyne, genderfluid,  bigender, third (tri)gender and trans people (Basically, this is ALL inclusive to ALL identies, if I missed you- I’m sorry! But I see you, and you’re SO welcome at this table!)

Don’t let that stop you from participating! Message me directly at: and we can discuss options for you. 
Similarly, if you find yourself feeling overly abundant and would like to gift a course or make a donation to the Activated Living Scholarship Fund- that is MORE than appreciated and welcomed. Donate any amount and these funds are set aside to help those who may not be in an economic position to pay for services or courses on the Activated Living website. To find out more about how you can support someone by donating to the scholarship fund, click here. 

Not at all! There may be some new language you’re not used to hearing, however, everything in the journal prompts and weekly videos will also be discussed in further detail in the FB Group. You’ll find a lot of extra reading and viewing materials that can give you a better understanding when it comes to manifestation, calling in our desires, and working through limiting belief systems. 

Once your payment has gone through, you’ll receive a confirmation letter in your inbox. You will also get a link to download your Money Miracle Manifestation Shareables. Starting on the first day of the course (8/1/20) You will receive daily emails with the course material, your writing / journal prompts, as well as any extras that may be attached. Be sure to add, to your contacts to ensure none of your emails end up in the spam box!

Unfortunately, no. The Money Miracle Manifestation Course is available twice a year, to make sure everyone who signs up gets the best, most authentic and personalized assistance as we move through the 31 Days collectively as a group


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