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We are all worthy of love + light

The thing is, I woke up this morning – in a “third world country”, with posts upon posts and comments and videos on my newsfeed of the tragic and horrific incidents that have been happening in the world. And for some reason- something inside me clicked. Something switched on.
The truth is, these stories will continue to follow us as a nation, as a collective of HUMAN BEINGS unless something very radical happens. This is not an isolated incident. This is not a case about gun control. This is not just about a war on terrorism. This is not just about “us” versus “them”. ┬áThis is not “just” a case on racism that is so prevalent in our┬áHistory and Culture that we collectively choose to turn a blind eye. This is a manifestation of a collective psyche. Acts of racism, intolerance and injustices are bringing to light a longstanding systemic problem that originates in a consciousness of fear and domination.

What we’re experiencing is not coming from a place of love and acceptance. And that’s where the paradigm shift needs to happen.

I’m done pretending that these incidents and frequent occurrences don’t affect me. Coming from a New Thought, and even New Age point of view, it’s very common for me to hear something a long the lines of, “well the more you continue to think about such travesties the more violence and intolerance you attract into your field”, “Don’t let such negativity affect you”, “Give it to God/ Source/ The Universe”, etc., The problem is – as a collective community SO many people tell themselves the lie that these things DON’T and SHOULDNT affect us. And we go on with our lives, thinking we live in a just-society. We can’t heal what we refuge to acknowledge…The violence is everywhere: on the lips of every politician, in our commercials, television programs, and movies. You can try and take the television out of your house and say you don’t follow political candidates but trust me, the violence will still be there unless we allow for a change.
Something big, something radical and something NEW is desperately crying to be born from this.

Something huge wants to emerge from these repeated acts of intolerance and violence. For those who hear the calling, it’s our spiritual duty to take spiritual action.

I ask for prayers. I ask for forgiveness. I ask for the individual to fully embrace diversity and connection – so that nothing BUT love and peace can manifest. I ask for the individual who hears the calling to take action of creating a world the benefits and works for everyone – in whatever form that looks like to them. Ask yourself, “How can I make a difference?” – because the truth is, you can.

I don’t expect everyone to just, “like” this blog post. If you’ve read this far, I thank you. But I know that by speaking out, in any form, and sharing what needs to be shared, those who need to read this and those who need to hear this will. My thoughts, love, and prayers go out to every single HUMAN BEING who have been affected by tragedies and incidents involving hate, discrimination, intolerance, and violence… We as a collective and evolved human race have the ability to start creating a world we wish to live in that flourishes on peace, love and harmony. It just takes one step each day. Today seems like a pretty good day to start.

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