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The Importance Of Your Sacred Space

For the longest time I never understood why I was not able to be productive or get as much done as I would have liked. I had all the ambition and my engines were revved up, but once it came to following through with a task, I would find excuses or distractions for myself and continue telling myself this story that xyz was the reason I couldn’t get anything done.

As I sat in meditation one morning I just asked for a clear sign. “Why am I not getting my butt in gear? I have so much potential. I have such a gift to offer. Why am I losing that beautiful energy so early on in the game?”

And as always, my Spirit Guides, God, Higher Self, Intuition, Core Source, whatever you want to call it, answered.

It was as clear as day. It was almost as if this voice was louder than thunder. Shaking me to my core…


That voice was absolutely right. For me, I need my nest. I need my places and spaces to be in order or else I feel like I’m in chaos. I need a relaxing and beautiful environment I get excited to be in while I’m working. I need my zen escape.

I had just moved into my boyfriends house, who was living a very bachelor lifestyle in terms of living environment. I came into his space feeling as if I SHOULD just be polite, sure the clutter bothered me but who was I to be making all these radical changes in his own house? I felt it was my PROBLEM that I couldn’t focus or find refuge in my own space. I never made it my own. 2 months of complaining and scuffing my feet all because I felt an innate anxiety that my space was making my feel claustrophobic.

I immediately changed the front room table which was stacked with old papers and books that haven’t been touched in months. I got rid of what wasn’t needed. I brought my bamboo plant, my orchids, my crystal and himalayan salt candle holders. Heck- I even brought my sage! I created a workspace alter. A huge feel of “Ahhhhhh” rushed upon me. This feels right. This feels creative.

Believe me- it wasn’t my dream work/art studio. It didn’t look like anything that was on my Pinterest or vision boards. But it was mine. And it was a little piece of zen that I manifested and created. It felt peaceful which was the exact opposite I was feeling on the inside. I wanted my space to reflect how I WANTED to feel. And in turn- it gives me the biggest smile on my face every morning. I’m encouraged and excited to sit down at my table/desk and work.

It tall began with me creating a space I wanted and allowing it to be my sacred space.

For me- it all started with claiming an un-used table as my own. Even if I was doing work there. Sometimes we just need a little feng shui to make our emotions turn into devotion.

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