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Stepping Into Freedom in Sayulita: Soulful Experiences

What do you want in a retreat? Abundant, tropical scenery, high vibrational food, access to your own personal trainer, delicious and relaxing bodywork… I could go on. But hopefully I’ve caught your attention.

In June of 2015, my beloved Daniel and I set out for an adventure to move to Mexico and embark on a journey of health, wealth, abundance, and a new chapter. I find myself looking back on the past year and I’m literally blown away by the experiences and abundance that has found me.

The whole goal was to create a space to heal and start retreats

I spent the past three years prior to meeting Daniel attending retreats (and eventually helping put on retreats for others) seminars, exploring my inner shadows and learning about living a life on my own terms. Moving to Mexico was NOT planned, but we were given an opportunity to make the best of the situation and I figured, well if this is where I’m supposed to do some healing, I imagine others are seeking it out as well.

Why I believe a retreat is for everyone, not just for people who can afford luxury vacations

I don’t know if it was a chip on my shoulder, or if I was just afraid to invest in a retreat – in turn, ultimately, afraid to invest in myself. Whatever the “WHY” is, I kept telling myself this story that a health retreat, or a yoga retreat, or just a relaxing spa-getaway was only set aside for the privileged few who could afford luxury vacations. I was only making $12.00 USD an hour working as a wine director/consultant when I first went to Kauai on my first retreat. However, I found a pretty cheap flight ($240 round trip) and saw that I had about $2,500 in my checking and savings. I took a big risk. And I signed up and sent my first deposit and felt a rush of excitement. NOT FEAR. Crazy, right?

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“What can I expect on a retreat in Mexico?” 

A very good friend of mine once told me, “Expect nothing to experience everything”. With such a good phrase echoing in my mind, I still want to share with you what you a few things you can get excited about experiencing!


Airport pick up and drop off
We’ll be picking everyone up at the International airport in Puerto Vallarta. From there we’ll take a 45 minute drive directly through the jungle, maybe pick up some fresh coco water and yaka (jackfruit) and head into Sayulita to our Retreat Home.

Welcome Dinner
After a long day of traveling, you can enjoy a fresh, delicious, and organic meal with local ingredients sourced just miles from our retreat home. Cool off with fresh hibiscus and fruit-infused waters.

Beach Walks
We’re so grateful to live just a 1o minute walk from the beach. We feel like it’s the best way to end the evening. There’s seriously nothing like watching the sun go down from our favorite spot on the beach and fully taking in the Sayulita Life.

Morning Meditations
We’ll explore the workings of guided meditations, satsang (a soulful gathering of truth and wisdom), and silent meditations. Never meditated before? Maybe it’s a bit too woo-woo-y? No problem! We believe the beauty of exploring new ways to create powerful and successful habits and morning rituals coincide with finding the balance so many of us seek in our lives.

Group fitness, yoga, and one-on-one personal training
We will be doing some group workouts that are low-intensity with lasting results. We’ll have on staff a personal trainer where you have full access and free time during the day for consultations, private training, and work on technique. This is fully included in your retreat package. We will also be sending you home with a personalized fitness program of the skills you learned to work on at home.

Experience an ancient Mexico tradition: Temezcal
One of the biggest take aways many of our past retreat attendees have told us are experiences they would never have access to had they not joined us on a four or six day experience. While living in Mexico, we’ve become good friends with a local medicine woman and have experienced many times the ancient tradition of temezcals (sweat lodges).  We’re thrilled to offer all retreat attendees an opportunity to meet local medicine woman and shaman, Linda, and experience this ancient tradition and release old energy and allow new energy, creativity, and abundance flow through you.

Part of me feels like I’m giving so much away, and then I realize how much more there is to experience while you’re out here. Once you sign up for our retreats and put down your first deposit, we send you an example itinerary of what we have planned, along with a packing list of essentials, and tips and options for economical lodging for those who wish to stay longer in Sayulita or the surrounding beach towns.


So- You ready to take the plunge?! If this sounds like a total HECK YES in your body and you’re ready for an epic experience of a life time, personally message me regarding upcoming dates for 2016 and 2017 retreats in Mexico. Still want a little more information? Check out the retreat information page here.

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