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Awakening Your Inner Goddess pt. 1

The words, “sacred”, “divine”, “desire”, “Goddess” seemed like such loaded words to me only a few years ago. As my journey has led me to many new insights, adventures, losses, and experiences, I find that these words are very dear to me. I hold them in high regard, and honor them. Awakening to your inner Goddess and divine nature is never an easy task. There’s usually major loss involved; a loved one, a job, a relationship, a friendship, money.. or most times, a major washing away of what no longer serves us.

Walking the divine path and awakening your inner Goddess is a deep drop into your heart. Surrender, letting go, authenticity, deep intuition and light filled experiences come with the territory.

This post is not a “how-to”, but more of a sharing of sorts, of what I do, what I’m currently doing, and what aspects of my life honor my divinity. By incorporating these aspects into my life, I find it easier to have a deeper connection to myself, and source energy. None of these examples need to be done in order, these are just a few “Goddess Hacks” that I fully welcome you to try for yourself.

Sacred Music

I find it so relaxing to rest and relax in a space by myself and listen to music. As an empath, I find it very difficult to find my zen or get to a space where I feel free and divine when I’m constantly engaged and surrounded by other people in their energy. For me, my music tends to change as the day progresses. When I work form home, it isn’t unusual for me to listen to 8 hours of music. Here’s what I enjoy:

Morning: I like to start my day off light, soft, heart opening music. I tend to sway more towards mantras to meditate to and set my intentions for the day. I always have Jai-Jagadeesh on in the mornings. If you saw my January Favorites List, you’ll see her album is on there. You can easily buy her MP3 on Amazon and take her music with you wherever you go. I’ll typically finish my morning meditation/intention setting and find myself making tea, reading a book or article and have her on the background.

Afternoon: Mid day, if I’m at home, I find it to be a very interesting time for me. Somedays I find an anxious-feeling rise within me, other days, I’m a chill and cool as a cucumber. Midday smoothie bowls, work, research, and possibly siesta time (I live in Mexico- the heat is turning up! I just… need naps!), I can 9/10 find myself listening to Trevor Hall’s, “Chapter of the Forest”. He’s an incredible artist that definitely deserves all the support. You can definitely listen to his songs for free on YouTube, but as an artist myself, I don’t mind spending the $9 for someone’s album that I know I’ll listen to over and over again.

Evening: I love the evening time. Right after the sun goes down, it’s time for cooking delicious meals in the kitchen, sipping on glasses of wine or kombucha, and typically enjoying some type of music in the background. I always feel an ancient, primal energy in the evening, for me personally. Lately, I’ve really connected to listening to OM chanting – this one in particular- Om Mantra and Powerful Drums. I’m learning more and more about Solfeggio – and this recording is set to 852 & 963 Hz, which is said to awaken intuition, and spiritual states of being. Usually after dinner, if I feel I need a little more movement in my day, I’ll listen to this and do some hip openers/ rotations, and move my body/ sway along.

Bedtime: As I mentioned previously, I’m learning more about Solfeggio and have come across a fantastic audio, Sound Healing from Earthly Solfeggio Frequencies. If I’m not listening to guided meditations, I’m definitely listening to this. I’ve experienced several Out-of-Body-Experiences, lucid dreaming, and some pretty just epic dreams in general. Of course, if you’re wishing to explore what’s available, YouTube is an excellent source to research. Note- not ALL recordings are done as professionally as others, be sure to read the comments and make sure you’re listening to a high quality recording. I once listened to a beautiful 2 hour frequency only to be interrupted at the end by the artist himself telling me to “buy his album”. Can’t a girl just relax?

Do you listen to Binaural Beats? What are some of your favorite and sacred artists/musicians/ music. I’d love to hear about it!

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