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Podcast Episode 2- Navigating Stress

The second episode of The Activated Living Podcast is here and today it’s all about stress and simple ways to help navigate stressful situations and managing anxiety and stress. No one is immune to stress. Stress effects all of us in one form or another. Throughout the episode I talk about major tips to help you navigate your stress in the three main categories of Mind Body and Soul.

Podcast Episode 2- Navigating Stress

Navigating Stress Podcast Show Notes:

1:32 – Stress is your body reaction to a harmful situation, whether or not it is truly harmful. 

1:50 – The physiological symptoms of stress

5:00 – Other people’s beliefs that were adopted as my own – more stress
5:45 – Scarcity mindset Navigating Stress via The Mind
8:32 – Deep Breathing + Meditation
8:45 – I said I wouldn’t quote anything but here’s a scientific article about the benefits of deep breathing >>
10:16 – Driving mindfully
12:54 – Learn to say, “No”, more often
14:37 – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) OR therapy in general

Navigating Stress via The Body
18:32 – Getting good and consistent amounts of sleep
21:33 – My recent panic attack that I believe was triggered from my stress which led to acute insomnia
24:50 – APA (American Psychological Association) Study I’m referring to can be found here >>

Physical stress response within the body
27:00 – Chronic stress affects your sleep
28:05 – Exercising to navigate stress
29:59 – Eliminating coffee and highly caffeinated drinks to help with stress 30:49 – Scientific article on Caffeine and the stress response on a physiological scale >>

Navigating Stress via The Soul
34:05 – Self Care
35:56 – Self Care – your needs are important !
40:04 – Self Care Tips when you don’t have a ton of money
41:06 – Self Care Magnesium Flake Bath

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