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Balancing Hormones (Bonus Podcast!)

Let’s talk about hormones. As a woman who lives with an auto immune disease I know all too well the struggles that come with balancing hormones. Here’s something I want everyone to hear: Our bodies DESPERATELY want to work on a higher level of optimal functioning and thrive. With a little nourishment, love and listening, our bodies can truly thrive. It just takes some time, patience, learning, and implementing better habits into our lives for optimal health and wellness. Be sure to scroll down to view the show notes from today’s episode.

Episode 1- Balancing Hormones Show Notes

The 4 Pillars of Balancing Hormones:

1- Learning How to Manage Stress

2- Getting Good + Consistent Sleep

3- Real Food Nourishment

4- Keeping Your Body Moving

1:40 – My experience with Western medicine growing up

3:00 – Women in modern day society experiencing abnormal symptoms during their cycle

3:25 – My history + journey with balancing my hormones

5:25 – Disclaimer

6:10 – The top 4 pillars of balancing hormones

6:30 – Managing Stress

7:07 – Physical vs Emotional Stress

10:50 – 10 tips to help manage stress

12:30 – Getting consistent sleep

15:48 – Tips for a consistent nights sleep

18:45 – Real Food Nourishment

19:00 – 4 tips for real food nourishment

23:25 – Keeping your body moving

24:38 – Tips on how to add more movement into your lifestyle

Mentioned In The Episode..

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