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Seasons of Our Life

WTF, how is it already March? I seriously felt like there was a glitch in my system when I opened my phone this morning to see it was actually March 1st. Are we seriously almost ready to bring in Spring?? I feel like New Years Eve just passed… One thing I have been saying over and over lately is how we are cyclical beings- meaning we are not linear. It’s important when trying to create a life of balance and harmony to live with the seasons and see how they correlate with different “seasons” in our life.

Seasons of the Year

Many of us understand the principles of the yearly cycles and seasons; we have Spring (March – May 31st), Summer (June – August 31st), Fall (September – November 31st), and Winter (December – February 28th). As the seasons change, certain flowers begin to bloom, different vegetables and fruits thrive, the weather changes. Mother nature has mastered the ebb and flow of our seasonal cycles. All of these changes in nature mark the passing of the calendar year. No matter where you live in the world, attributes of the seasons may vary by location, but there are still broad definitions that many can relate to.

Seasons of Our Life

This is something I mention often in The Activated Living Podcast. When I mention the seasons of our lives, I am focusing on two things here: Your own personal development and where you currently are at in that particular point in your life, and the 4 major life cycles that we experiences with our time on Earth. Understanding how I grew with life’s changes and cycles was a huge eye-opener for me in terms of how I express myself in this reality. Change in life is inevitable, just like the seasons and change in weather. Some of the big questions I asked myself were, “How do I usually deal with change?” “Do I typically find myself resisting change, or embracing it?” Each season in our lives brings forth valuable information and lessons that we learn about ourselves on a core level.

The Season of Spring

Planting Seeds, Seeking Knowledge, Forming New Habits

The season of Spring is built upon a foundation of new habits and skills, the quest for gaining new insights and knowledge, and a deeper level of understanding ourselves and those around us. In the spring, seeds take root and vegetation begins to grow. Spring is a fantastic time to capitalize on dynamic thinking, learning opportunities, empowering new habits and collaborations. The energy that is coming forward with Spring typically invites excitement, anticipation, deep levels of self-understanding and purpose. In a sense, you could say this is a time when you may be resurrecting and revitalizing parts of your inner psyche, healing emotional wounds, and moving forward with a big project. Take a moment to consider previous “Spring Seasons” in your life and how it transformed your personality, habits, and life.

The Season of Summer

Inspiration, Passion, Desires, Relaxing, Celebration

Summer isn’t just about pool-days, tanning, and sipping on delicious superfood-smoothies, but it’s also a time for self-reward, relaxation, celebration, and personal fulfillment. This in turn typically inspires deeper understanding of our consciousness, boosts of confidence, and inspires passion. The season of Summer in your life is where everything you have been working toward during spring is now part of your life experience and reality. All of the new habits, developed skills, knowledge acquired, and all that hard work you put into achieving your goals has paid off. For those who are creatives and entrepreneurs, it may seem like this day will never come. But once the season of Summer comes- it’s time to start basking in the glory of everything you have created and accomplished.

The Season of Fall

Hesitation, Lack of Actions, Comfort Zone

Our life cycles come and go as the seasons do, however many empaths may feel a stronger connection to their “Fall/ Autumn Season”. As the days get shorter and darker, so does the energies that a “Fall Season” may have on our life’s path and journey. Some energy that tends to be very prevalent during the fall season is pessimism, hesitation, lack of action, second-guessing, un-realistic thinking, and becoming more of a prisoner to our comfort zones. The Fall Season usually brings forth problems, mistakes and difficult life transitions. It often unearths feelings and hurried emotions of disappointment, stress and frustration. For those experiencing their Saturn Return- it may seem like you’re in a never ending cycle of Fall and Winter. But trust me- there is always a light at the end of a dark road. Consider how your Fall Seasons have shaped and transformed your personality and built your character. What valuable lessons have you learned from the fall seasons of your life?

The Season of Winter

Fear, Guilt, Grief, Emotional Unrest, Hibernation, Planning

Winter. A time for reflection and hibernation. During the fall and winter  times is when trees send their roots deeper into the soil, regenerating for the spring to come forth. The winter seasons is usually the toughest for many people. Questions arise such as, “Why is this happening to me?”, “Why am I feeling so tired?” “Am I depressed?” “When is this all going to be over??”.
Typically when we ask these questions there tends to be painful lessons attached to them. It’s difficult. It can be painful. Feelings of regret, fear, grief, and emotional unrest may come to the surface during this Winter Season. These feelings and experiences are here to shape us and adapt to understanding these are transformational times in our lives where we transition from one way or thinking or expressing ourselves into another. You are in a significant transition period of your life. Deep self-reflection and planning is exactly what you need to get your life back on track. It’s time now to think realistically and thoughtfully about the foundations you must build to move your life forward.

Key Points to Remember

We’re ALL cyclical beings. We may not experience these cycles in any chronological order. But I guarantee you, we all experience every cycle in some form or capacity during our time here on Earth. Over the course of a lifetime it may seem like you experience more Winter than Summer, or vice versa. And that’s perfectly ok. We all have individual lessons and karma we bring into this lifetime to manage, sort through, and hopefully raise above (that’s the goal, isn’t it?). The seasons of our life change abruptly and learning how to successfully navigate these oceans may take a lifetime to master. Hopefully these insights can ease you through whichever season you’re experiencing in your life.

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