My Weekend with an Audio Porn Star

Audio erotica (or audio porn) is a large and emerging platform. I spent the weekend with Jim from Feel-Good Filth to explore conversations on sexuality and more. It’s 2 am and I’m sipping on a lemon la croix… and I have Jim from Feel-Good Filth to thank for my new found admiration for this fizzy little drink. Who’s Jim from FGF, you ask? well…

Jim is one of the many artists in a new genre of pornography/ erotica in audio format. Audio erotica (or audio porn) is a large and emerging platform. I spent the weekend with Jim from Feel-Good Filth to explore conversations on sexuality, mental health, healing with therapy and cannabis, and so much more.

What IS Audio Porn?

Audio porn is exactly like it sounds- and ranges from super vanilla boyfriend cuddle talk all the way to filthy, dirty-talking, or even “overheard” sounds of couples doing the dirty-dirty. The sky is literally the limit as new platforms start to emerge such as Quinn and Dipsea. These platforms not only encourage women (and all genders) to explore their sexuality through a different, immersive experience but it also allows the listener to fully engage within their own pleasure. Visual pornography – in my honest opinion – 9 times out of 10 glorifies unrealistic body standards.

Exploring Sexuality in a Safe Environment

Many womxn have reached out to me over the past few months since Jim and I first recorded our podcast. A notable amount of comments mentioned their preference to audio erotica over the more traditional, visual pornography. A general consensus expressed the feeling there was very little representation of natural body sizes in visual porn along with underlying tones of misogyny and influences of glamorizing rape-culture.

When I reached out to Jim’s fans, I was really taken a back by how many women mentioned they have been able to explore their sexuality in a safe environment, a concept that was completely new and freeing to some. Beyond sexuality, many women also noted a boost in confidence with a deeper understanding more about who they are as a person.

You Matter, And Your Pleasure Matters

I’m going to be honest, I can’t remember at any point in my 5th and 7th grade health class/ Sex-Ed being told that my pleasure matters. And from a standard Western viewpoint, many people find that to be a totally radical concept. The act of sex, not even making love, has become so mechanical, with expectations of some huge big climax at the end. Women aren’t encouraged to explore their bodies and sexuality, and Men are rarely given the tools to navigate their partners pleasure. Many folks lack the capacity of engaging in sex, kink space, and explorations of pleasure as an experience and simply seek the pure satisfaction of the climax . During my weekend with Jim, our conversations of sexuality and speaking openly about both of our neurology was extremely inspiring to me.

I could count on one hand the amount of times in my life that I had a partner who was ever adamant about the experience of my pleasure – not just focused on the end result. Coming from someone of the opposite sex, it was truly refreshing hearing Jim’s perspective and his viewpoints on human sexuality, mental health and his journey, and speaking confidently about creating a safe space in the audio erotica community to welcome others to understand that their pleasure matters.

The Future of Audio Porn + Censorship

Recently, Jim had found out without warning that his original instagram account was deleted without any strikes or warnings. Anything that might have been NSFW was always blurred out on his content. Would the same thing have happened if he had his on account “private”? It’s hard to say. Social media platforms are always changing the terms of agreements, seemingly choosing what is and is not appropriate, which posts get the most viewership… It seems a little too big-brother-y for me. With this new and emerging genre of porn, many audio erotica artists utilize platforms such as instagram and twitter to promote their brands and content. It’s unfortunate that many people find themselves having to go through so much red tape to promote sex-positive content.

Whether audio erotica sounds like something you might be interested in exploring or maybe it’s something too far out of your comfort zone, I fully believe this emerging platform is going to change the way we view porn and sexuality. And if we’re lucky, we’ll have amazing allies like Jim, pioneering the way.

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