The Sunday Steep: Chicken Broth

It's really no secret how much I love a good cup of broth in the morning. My boyfriend Daniel and I have made it a ritual to make Tuesday evening stock (in the pueblo we live it's 2 for the price of 1 chicken at our


It's 2016 and this is the year of revitalizing and rejuvenating for me! From my emotional body, to how I choose to pamper myself, all the way down to my very cells. 2015 brought so many chapters - from creating a lifestyle brand to my

Smoothie Recipe: Nopales + Moringa

It's fairly common here in Mexico to be offered green juices or green smoothies out here. Instead of using kale or spinach, like I'm used to, nopales (cactus) is the base. Today to celebrate New Years Day in Sayulita, I made a batch of my

Recipe: Moringa Energy Balls

I had the pleasure to spend this beautiful New Years Day in Sayulita, Mexico to give a talk about healing super foods, along with touching upon topics such as the importance of alkalizing your body and finding a balance within the foods we eat and

The Sunday Steep

Sundays are perfect for cozy, lazy, days that should be filled with tea and delicious food. Every Sunday - I'll be sharing with you what I'm sipping on, and share information on their specific healing properties. Today, I'm sipping on Guayusa, which are dried leaves and

KELP is the new Kale

I'm calling it! I've personally seen too many amazing benefits and still can't imagine why none of my yogi sistas and friends have jumped on the Kelp train. It's ok- I'm ready to start a kelp revolution. Join me, won't you? Kelp has an abundance of

Online Store is Officially Live!

My vision for Activated Living was to be an all encompassing brand that brought to light valuable information on holistic wellness, natural healing, and heart based connection. Beyond creating e-books and blogs sharing complimentary leading information and research, I had a dream to create a

My super sexy Maca shake

Maca is a super root that should definitely be in your pantry. One of the many reasons why I love Maca is the numerous benefits it holds. It carries hormone balancing properties that have actually been proven to reverse hyperthyroidism in some cases. Maca is

I honor the cycles…

But I am not a slave to them! I feel this is such an important lesson for me in this season in my life. And as someone once told me, "What's most personal is most universal"

What exactly is intuition?

“Intuition-the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.” The dictionary has a pretty vague definition of what we consider intuition to be. So for the longest time I just assumed that this deep, full, and intent “knowing” was something EVERYONE had. I soon