Awakening Your Inner Goddess pt. 1

The words, "sacred", "divine", "desire", "Goddess" seemed like such loaded words to me only a few years ago. As my journey has led me to many new insights, adventures, losses, and experiences, I find that these words are very dear to me. I hold them

Online Store is Officially Live!

My vision for Activated Living was to be an all encompassing brand that brought to light valuable information on holistic wellness, natural healing, and heart based connection. Beyond creating e-books and blogs sharing complimentary leading information and research, I had a dream to create a

I honor the cycles…

But I am not a slave to them! I feel this is such an important lesson for me in this season in my life. And as someone once told me, "What's most personal is most universal"

What exactly is intuition?

“Intuition-the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.” The dictionary has a pretty vague definition of what we consider intuition to be. So for the longest time I just assumed that this deep, full, and intent “knowing” was something EVERYONE had. I soon