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Shift Your Money Mindset

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Finding clarity on your desires are so important when it comes to manifesting. When we focus on our finances, many of our own limiting beliefs can be the very thing that is blocking us. One of the major catalyst to making quantum leaps in your manifesting practice is shifting your money mindset. In the Money Miracle Manifestation Course, we pin point our money blocks and work with different tools to help us shift our money mindset. Below I highlight three key principles to practice when you begin shifting your money mindset from a scarcity mindset to an abundant one.


The Magic In Shifting Your Money Mindset

There are so many components that affect our Money Mindset. We all come to the table with different triumphs and traumas, and because of this, our money blockages show up differently. Some of us have had toxic imprinting when it comes to money and earning, others have never had to worry about money but still feel dissatisfied. So how do we untangle this mess? Finding clarity can be tricky when we don’t even know where to start. Some questions that I like to start out and ask myself are:


  • ” What do I feel like my soul is craving?”
  • “What currently excites me the most?”
  • “How have my finances affected my happiness?”
  • “Where do I feel tension in my body when I think about my finances?”
  • “Am I on the path towards my passions?”
  • “Am I doing what I really want to be doing/creating”


Dismantle Your Childhood beliefs Regarding Money

As children, we are constantly gathering information and sometimes, even when our parents may mean well, the belief systems that are imprinted onto us may sometime become more toxic than intended.


Having such a limited belief about money, manifesting and the abundance of money that is constantly available to me- can hold you back a lot in life.

I will be the first to acknowledge my privilege that I experienced in my childhood. However, no matter how comfortable my experience was, I was constantly witnessing my Mother worry about bills, spending money and was constantly stressed. I was taught to value money in order to obtain a favorable or desired experience. As you can imagine, this was a very restrictive way to experience money and abundance. Not only was it limiting, it also didn’t feel good. My relationship with money was a huge rollercoaster. I always felt this sense of “lack” and just couldn’t figure out how to get back, “on top”. The major key principle that I implemented into my life was shifting my mindset.


How Do We Dismantle Beliefs?

Dismantling old beliefs that don’t serve you is complicated and can become overwhelming. First off- take a huge breath, YOU GOT THIS. I cover this more in depth in the Money Miracle Manifestation Course, however I would love to share with you some of the tips that helped me dismantle some old, toxic beliefs regarding my Money Story.



  • Take a moment to meditate on some of the phrases or sayings you heard your parents/ caregivers say in regards to finances and money
  • As you think of these sayings and phrases, ask yourself – would Adult You accept those beliefs today? Why or why not?
  • Understand that many of our fear-based beliefs usually aren’t our own
  • Explore new avenues and create new beliefs. You let someone else’s belief control how you view money and finances for so long- it’s time to give yourself permission to change that view point and create a whole new story/ experience
  • Create your own money mantras, look up money manifestation affirmations that align with you. Be as creative as you want to be here!


Change Your Money Story

Whether you feel financially secure and maybe you’re just getting by or maybe you’re in the middle of complicated debt, the first step is finding clarity within the present moment. Ask yourself how you currently feel about your situation.

Once we have been truly honest and identified how we feel in the present moment, we can then open an entire new door to create a new story/reality/ circumstance for ourselves.

Before- I used to tell myself the story I had to work extremely hard just to make enough to get by. Even though that may have been my current state- I also identified that it made me feel very “less than” because of it. Once I changed my story to, “ Everything that is coming to me supports me and my journey and I have the willingness and capacity to accept more abundance and more finances” – I began to notice shifts. I changed the dialogue in my head and how I was perceiving my reality.


Some of my favorite Money Shift Sayings

“I need to justify saving money” >> “I feel safe spending money”

“I need to constantly chase a paycheck” >> “I am constantly attracting opportunities and money”

“Everyone has more than me” >> “I am worthy of prosperity”


Begin to Love Money

Money feels the same way about you that you feel about it! You cannot genuinely build a positive money mindset if you have constant negative feelings towards money.

You are SO allowed to experience and enjoy wealth and abundance !

Many times when we feel disconnected, it seems like an impossible task to begin the work if recalibration gets your system and changing your approach to your blockages. I totally understand- been there MANY times!

Here’s the beautiful part – this isn’t an overnight process’s give yourself props for being curious about what’s holding you back and looking for tools to ease they process. Acknowledging our perceived, “weaknesses”,  isn’t an easy (or fun) task. It takes vulnerability to admit we may not have it all together and we may not have all the answers. It takes control and accountability to implement positive changes and rituals/habits. No matter where you are in your journey, start where you are at. Your only competing with your future version of yourself.

If you follow Activated Living on social media you have probably heard this before – healing is NOT linear. Healing and navigating your money story doesn’t have a point A to B. There are ups and downs, and beautiful spaces that show us sometimes, what we perceive to be our weakness is actually our biggest strength.

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Practical + Tangible Tools to Shift Your Money Mindset

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If you’re like me, you want to get your hands on ALL the tools and start beginning to changing your mindset. Here are some of my favorite and most useful resources.


Books + Resources


Money, A Love Story… By Kate Northrup


The Energy of Money… By Maria Nemeth


Rich Dad Poor Dad… By Robert Kiyosaki


Unf*ck Your Finances… by Melissa Browne


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Podcasts That Inspire

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Activated Lifestyle Blog

New Years Rituals

Sacred ceremony and rituals play a heavy role in my life and intention setting. It’s in my indigenous blood. I find such clarity and notice a huge shift my spiritual gifts and intuition heightens post-ceremony. Every year is different for me but what I keep as a constant are these rituals to bring in abundance, clarity, and a fresh start to my New Year. I’m so thrilled to share these New Year Rituals with you. 

*NOTE: I gather my ceremonial traditions and rituals from a handful of different teachers and elders I’ve worked with closely throughout my life. For me, I focus on my intentions and how I want to feel. I don’t follow any specific religion or traditional practices. Feel free to tweak these rituals to fit to your desired liking.

What Are Rituals?

Rituals are powered by intentions. When it comes to rituals, they are often done for a celebratory purpose. In indigenous and ancient traditions, rituals have been celebrated since the earliest recorded history of man-kind. Rituals involve the execution of deliberate actions – meaning, you best believe if you’re taking the time to set intentions and actions- get ready for big results! With the heightened energy of new beginnings in the beginning of the year, a New Years Rituals is perfect to add to your practice.

Ancient traditional rituals have been construed and twisted in many history books- creating fear and skepticism of the unknown.

Our cultural evolution and historical religious widespread crusades and conquests have greatly impacted the way many view rituals and sacred ceremonies. Ancient traditional rituals have been construed and twisted in many history books- creating fear and skepticism of the unknown. Pagan, Aztec, and Mayan Sacrificial Rituals are highlighted in books as barbaric and often times misunderstood. However, the general public knows very little of other rituals that were practiced in times of antiquity such as Norse rituals during Yule (which have been adopted in many of our Christmas traditions). 

New Years Rituals I’ve Adopted

I follow many ancient traditions, and actually consider October 31st, Samhain, to be more of my energetic and calendar New Year. However, I respect the high energy that is available to us on the end of our Georgian Calendar for New Years Eve and New Years Day. For me, I feel like it is a great time to recalibrate and re-align. In my sacred New Year ceremonies I like to first set intentions. I set intentions and claim the energy I wish to most resonate with- I don’t do resolutions. I also really enjoy spending time utilizing my hands and making vision boards for the year. Sometimes I do this on New Years Eve as I contemplate the upcoming year. There are several different herbs and crystals I utilize during my ritual as well and I’ll go into more detail later. 

When To Do Rituals

It’s important to first understand your intentions and be very clear. Depending on the day you perform your ritual highly depends on your intentions. If I’m doing any ritual on New Years Eve, I’m typically doing a “letting go” ritual or setting intentions on things I wish to leave behind. If there are toxic behaviors, people, situations, that seem to be the root of your obstacles, this is a great time full of big energy to perform those types of rituals. On the other hand, you can certainly do many of these rituals in the New Year, depending on the ritual and your intention. As an example, I like to cleanse a lot of my ceremonial tools and crystals for a fresh new start. I like to spend time with my tarot decks and cleanse the energies and thank my ancestors for their messages and blessings. I’ll go more in depth and share some of my favorite New Years rituals. 

Cleanse + Clear My Space

I do this on a weekly basis, however, on New Years Eve or a few days prior to that, I like to do an end of the year ritual. I spend a day cleaning my space (room, office, home environment etc.,). I set intentions the entire time I’m cleaning to clean away any negative residue that has been left over throughout the year, and my space is now clean and energetically clear. I like to take this time as a time for reflection as well. However, I think it’s very important to stay as present as possible during the cleaning process. I like to think sometimes, “What is the most intentionally way I can clean this room?” “How can I clean (add any special product or something you value) with the utmost respect and honor?”. I also like to put on some good music (depending on my mood it can be anything from Ella Fitzgerald to kirtan) and make sure all my windows are open. 

I set intentions the entire time I’m cleaning to clean away any negative residue that has been left over throughout the year, and my space is now clean and energetically clear.

I make 90% of my home cleaners, and I like to make specific blends for specific intention settings. For cleaning and clearing I like to use lavendar, lemon and sweet orange essential oils in my zero waste homemade cleaning products. Lavender oil contains antibiotic, antiseptic, antiviral and antibacterial properties. Lavender is also known for its soothing and calming effects, so it makes perfect sense that it also helps ward off negative energies. Lemon oil also has a lot of great antibacterial properties that are great for cleaning, but has also been historically used as a psychic cleanser.

I understand, living in California this is very easy to perform but I’m also aware there is this thing called snow that other people around the world experience. If keeping your doors and windows aren’t an option, do your best to get some air flow through the house even if its small increments at a time. 

After my home is cleaned, I like to perform an overall energetic clearing. I typically use sage and I will go throughout every room starting at 12 oclock and going clockwise. I sage any doors or windows, I thank my ancestors for protecting my home, I thank my angels for guarding me with a roof over my head, I clear out any old and stagnant energy, and close with my last room being my bedroom.

The point of cleaning and clearing my space not only gives me a fresh new start, I’m also energetically opening up space for new things to come in. 

What You’ll Need

Best Time For Ritual

It’s best to do this on New Year’s Eve or a few days prior. 

Write Down New Years Intentions

The beginning of a New Year is the prime time to set your intentions and reflect on the previous year. Intentions are statements and declarations of what you desire and consciously intend to be, learn, do, have, feel or experience in a coming period of time, such as the coming New Year. A well-set intention is a statement of pure, clear, and decisive focus that kick starts the process of aligning to your desires. Intentions contain more commitment than desires. Intentions are less specific—less rigid and, thus, less likely to trigger unhealthy attachment to outcomes—than goals.

The difference between an intention and a goal are vastly different. Goals are focused on the future. They’re more about a destination or a specific achievement. Instead of setting resolutions or goals that can easily come and go, try setting intentions that will help you live as the best version of yourself. The act of setting intentions helps to focus your mind, prioritize what’s most important and start making transformations and practicing alchemy from within.

What You’ll Need

Best Time For Ritual

It’s best to do this ritual on New Years Eve.

Burning / Releasing Intentions

A burning ceremony is a transformative ritual that is done on Full Moons, New Moons, and sacred, holy days. Burning intentions are performed as a way to release the past and negativity. In many indigenous cultures, burning ceremonies and Grandfather fire symbolizes strength, power, wisdom, knowledge, passion, and purification. When I spend time reflecting on my intentions of what I want to bring into my reality for the upcoming year, I also reflect on the things I want to let go and release. I find a place of solitude and make sure I’m grounded when writing what I want to release. This can be written in bullet points, as a poem, a short story, however you feel most connected. The point is to be clear and intentional with what you wish to release. By burning away the past, you can free yourself from any regrets, sorrow, toxicity, or pain, and look forward to a better future. 

What You’ll Need

  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Lighter or Match
  • Safe Burning-friendly surface: Large metal/glass bowl or cauldron, a pan, a fireplace or fire pit, or stone clearing, etc.

Best Time For New Years Ritual

It’s best to do this ritual on New Years Eve, New Years Day or a few days after. 

Cleansing Crystals, Tarot Decks, Ceremonial Tools

I have written before about the importance of cleansing and clearing. It’s so important to cleanse your crystals on a regular basis as most crystals will absorb negative energy from their surroundings. There are several ways to cleanse your crystals, tarot decks and ceremonial tools. I prefer to smudge my tools with sage and palo santo. In ancient traditions, sage has been said to to clear ALL energy – the good and the bad. Palo Santo on the other hand is said to cleanse all negative and bring in the good energy. For this reason, I prefer to use Palo Santo during my New Years Rituals. In order to cleanse my tools, I set an intention and begin grounding techniques. Once I’m in a content state, I pass over my crystals, tarot deck, and tools with my palo santo, setting my clearing intentions. 

What You’ll Need

  • Palo Santo -or-
  • Sage
  • Lighter or Match
  • Your collection of crystals, tarot decks, ceremonial tools, etc., 

Best Time For Ritual

It’s best to do this ritual on New Years Day or a few days after. 

Practice Your Rituals with Intention

I can’t stress enough how important it is to practice your New Years rituals with pure intention. When we purge, release, let go – we do so for the better of our souls. We make room for more abundance and blessings to fill our life. When we ask to bring in love, opportunities, blessings, manifest abundance – we do so for our highest good and are open to receiving. When we don’t focus clearly on our desires and our intentions are cloudy- filled with resentment, judgement, or maybe we don’t fully believe in our own power that is within us – it makes it more difficult to fully receive what we’re asking for. May this new decade of 2020 be full of blessings, learning, abundance, growing, and may you know yourself on a deeper level. Aho.

There are affiliate links within this post. As an affiliate, I receive a small percentage of certain items purchased. These small commissions earned help keep Activated Living ad-free. Please see affiliate page and privacy policy for full details.

Healing Soul

Self Care Tips When Your Energy Is Low

We all feel it; whether it’s creeping up on you at the beginning of your day, that mid-afternoon crash or sinking in at the end of your night, we all feel it. That sensation of your energy slipping away from you, the draining feeling you get when you’re finally able to sit down and take a breath. It can fully surround your mind and body like a crashing wave, leaving you in an overall “ugh” state of feeling. In the busy world of today, it can be hard to keep up with the non-stop hours we put in at work and the day to day tasks that consume our lives. We just barely have enough time at the end of the day to collect ourselves and try to recharge, just so we can do it all over again the next day and so on. It’s an endless cycle that unfortunately can make us feel like we’re continuously running on an empty tank. With all of us hustling hard to stay on top of things, even thinking about self-care sometimes can be almost humorous with how drained we’re feeling. So how can we try to combat such a thing you might ask? Coming from one exhausted human being to another, I’m here to share some of my personal self care tips and insight on to a subject that none of us are a stranger to.

Self Care Tips That Matter

One of the most important things, that I cannot stress enough, is to make rest a priority. I know, “easier said than done.” If you’re like me, you might put other people and their needs before your own, which in itself is a commendable trait but also not the healthiest for anyone, especially you. As someone with a caretaker mentality, I know how easy it can be to get wrapped up into taking care of others, to the point where you can lose yourself and in turn become toxic. In a previous blog entitled, “Realizing You’re In A Toxic Relationship”, I opened up more about this specific topic. But I will say that this statement couldn’t be truer; ‘you need to take care of yourself first in order to take care of others.’ When you’re rundown, how do you expect to properly take care of someone else when you can’t properly care for yourself? It’s like a battery that only has half of its power; sure you’ll be able to get some use out of it, but it won’t last as long or have the same efficiency as if it had its full power. Thinking of ourselves as these batteries, it’s important to remember we have the capacity to achieve more when we’re fully charged. True enough, life can hit us with some curve balls and roadblocks that throw us out of sync depleting our charge, but it’s our responsibly to ourselves to get back in sync. Mental, physical and emotional rest are essential for a healthy running system; when one’s out of commission, the others have to pick up the slack and therefore they can’t run as smoothly. Everything works in conjunction together, so when one thing is out of order, the others tend to follow.

If you’re like me, you might put other people and their needs before your own, which in itself is a commendable trait but also not the healthiest for anyone, especially you.

Doing something as simple as setting a specific time to go to sleep at night and sticking to it can help immensely. We all need rest, and what helps others rest might not work for you, so it’s important to figure what things you like to do to unwind. Whether it’s reading a book, taking a hot bath with essential oils or listening to an audio, find out what truly helps you detox from the chaos around so you can give yourself the rest you deserve.

Disconnect from Social Media

Another form of self-care that I found really helps is disconnecting from social media and taking a break from your phone. Now, now, no need to panic! I know in this digital age it seems unfathomable to put our phones down, let alone get off certain apps but it can do you a world of good from time to time. When I say “disconnecting,” I simply mean just closing down apps, turning off their notifications and clicking that phone screen off. There’s far less temptation when there are no notifications coming in! The great thing about this is that its only temporary, you set the time restraints so it can be as long or as short as you’d like.

Starting off slow and building your way up can help instead of jumping right into it. It probably won’t be very liked in the beginning as it’s a bit jarring, almost like you’re lost without hearing those familiar beeps and pings erupting from your phone. But when it’s difficult to stay away from your phone, that’s when you know it’s become a bad habit of sorts and it’s a good idea to take a step back. It’s all too easy to be sucked into the virtual universe with seemingly endless scrolling and liking, everything is just at your fingertips. But it starts to become an issue when you’re more glued to your phone then you are to your real life.

Putting our phones down and stepping outside to breathe in some fresh air can be so renewing. Just being outside for few minutes and taking in your surroundings can be the reset from cyber world that you need. Appreciate the beauty of nature by experiencing it firsthand instead of liking someone’s post about it online. Don’t feel like going outside? Open a window and get some of the same effects as if you were out there yourself. Disconnecting isn’t something that you should feel sorry for doing either, it’s necessary to find the right balance and give yourself time to be present in life without your eyes stuck on a screen. Letting the people in your life know that you’re taking a break opens up the lines of communications and can set everyone’s mind at ease; your people know you’re okay and you don’t have to worry about them thinking you’ve disappeared or ghosted them. Give your eyes and your mind a break from technology every once in a while and see the difference it can make for you, your energy and your mood!

Get Real with Your Feelings

One last point I’d like to talk about is feelings. When your energy and mood is low, sometimes we downplay what we’re feeling and going through for the benefit of others. I get it, we don’t want to bring others down with us and that’s quite considerate. But at the same time it doesn’t help anything, we may have covered up how we felt to them but that doesn’t take away from the fact that we’re still feeling those things. It’s important to be honest with others but it’s equally as important to be honest with ourselves. ‘It’s okay not to be okay’ is one of my very favorite sayings because it’s the truth.

You can’t make a flower flourish without water, just like you can’t quench your thirst from an empty glass. Self-care and being honest about your feelings is not selfish, it’s necessary.

There are going to be days when you feel like you can’t get out of bed because your energy is so depleted, and that’s okay. And there will be days that you’ll feel like staying in instead of going out and socializing and that okay as well. We all have good days and bad days. So don’t push yourself farther than you can handle on those bad days just to make it easier on the people around you. You can’t make a flower flourish without water, just like you can’t quench your thirst from an empty glass. Self-care and being honest about your feelings is not selfish, it’s necessary. Value yourself enough to take care of you and be honest to yourself and others about what you’re feeling. The more we’re able to openly communicate with each other, the more understanding and compassion we send out into the world.

21 Self Care Tips For When Your Energy is Low

Here’s a quick list of tips to try for yourself when your energy is low. Try some or try them all and see
what works best for you!

  • Hydrate
  • Meditate
  • Spend time outside (at least 15 minutes to start, weather permitting)
  • Take a nap
  • Read a book
  • Talk to a friend or family member
  • Pamper Yourself
  • Write in your journal
  • Light some candles, incense, or sage
  • Cleanse your space
  • Put on a facial mask
  • Take a warm/hot bath or shower
  • Eat your favorite healthy snacks
  • Cuddle with your fur baby(ies)
  • Take a break from your phone
  • Listen to therapeutic healing music or tones
  • Stretch or do some light yoga
  • Watch your favorite movie or series
  • Listen to an inspiring Ted Talk
  • Listen to a podcast, audio book, or sleep story
  • Recite Affirmations full of positivity and self-love

Self Care is for EVERYONE

The takeaway from this is to make you a priority, no matter what your energy level is at, take the much needed steps to make sure you’re taking care of you. Self-care is needed at all times but when our energy is low, that is the time that self-care is needed the most. We’re all a little too hard on ourselves sometimes so give yourself (your mind, body and soul) rest you so rightly deserve. Because at the end of the day, our health is all that we really have, so we owe it to ourselves to take the extra care when it’s needed. Many things can be the culprit in our low energies; from life itself, not enough rest/sleep, illness, work, poor hydration/diet, seasonal changes, relationships, other stressors, you name it! As long as we consciously recognize these things and are actively working on improving them, (and seeking the proper professional help if need be) that’s all that really matters. We’re all doing the best that we can, so remember to be gentle with yourself. Treat yourself as you would treat a close friend going through the same thing, be that friend to yourself. So if you weren’t able to accomplish a lot today or get the things done that you wanted to, let me be that friend to you and say that I’m still proud of you and you should be proud of you too. Always remember, you got this!

About the Author
Rebecca Pallack is an inspiring writer born and raised in the Chicagoland area. When she’s not filing a page with her inner most thoughts, she has four legged creatures to keep her days busy. Writing has always been one of her passions, with words flowing as freely to her fingertips as air flows deeply into lungs. Through her writings hopes to make the world a better, more understanding place, one passage at a time.

There are affiliate links within this post. As an affiliate, I receive a small percentage of certain items purchased. These small commissions earned help keep Activated Living ad-free. Please see affiliate page and privacy policy for full details.

Healing Mind

How Alcohol Can Your Disrupt Your Mental Health

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Many people turn to alcohol when they need cheering up but it only serves as a band-aid solution for a far serious problem, and in fact, can lead to more problems both physically and mentally. A lot of addiction treatment centers have recommended lowering the intake of alcohol down to a few glasses per week in order to avoid incurring mental issues. 


Alcohol Changes Brain Chemistry

Our brain functions thanks in part to the critical balance of chemicals like hormones and neurotransmitters. Alcohol, being a depressant, can disrupt that balance and affect our thoughts, feelings, and actions. In some cases, it causes so much damage to the brain’s process that the damage becomes permanent. You might feel relaxed when you are under the influence of alcohol but that’s a sign that it is affecting the function of neurotransmitters. Alcohol dulls the effects of those chemical signals which is why we feel less anxious and a lot looser when we drink.


Alcohol Can Increase Stress + Anxiety

It is common for many to think that alcohol can be a solution to the stress and anxiety we feel in life. But this has been proven to be wrong. While one glass of wine after a particularly long day can ease the tension and help you relax, too much alcohol consumption can lead to feelings of depression and increase one’s anxiety. Long-term alcohol consumption can also exacerbate the stress in life. This is due to the fact that alcohol can lead to the suppression of many of the brain’s neurotransmitters the proper functioning of which is crucial for good mental health.


Alcohol Can Contribute to Depression

As mentioned previously, alcohol is a major factor in our feelings of depression. Drinking heavily and for too long can put you at risk for developing signs of depression. The brain chemistry is already disrupted due to the large amounts of alcohol in the system and the permanent damage it has already caused in the brain. Alcohol also lowers the level of the neurotransmitter serotonin in the brain, a chemical signal that helps regulate our mood. It is given the fact that there is a correlation between low serotonin levels and the onset of depression.


Alcohol Can Damage Your Brain

Not only does alcohol affect brain chemistry, but it can also lead to neuron death which slows the brain’s processing power and impairs the formation of memory. Large intakes of alcohol can completely stop the brain from forming new memories, commonly known as a “blackout.” Blackouts per se don’t necessarily mean neurons are dying in the brain but repeated sessions of heavy drinking can eventually lead to cell death. Once a brain cell dies, it is very rare that they regenerate.



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Lily Brooks is an avid blogger. She writes about a variety of topics including health, science, and literature. She is currently working with TheBeachesTreatmentCenter, a fully accredited & licensed Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center.


Body Healing

Invest in Your Health

Your health is a pure reflection of what is going on inside your body, mind and soul. Physical health is one of the most important things you can invest in, especially during the fall and winter months on the Northern Hemisphere. If you’re anything like how I used to be, you’d put off going to the doctors for your annual check up or avoid taking any real preventative measures for boosting your health and immunity.  Depending on how you grew up and where your parents landed on the socioeconomic scale, doctor visits and health insurance may seem like a simple necessity or a huge luxury. In my world, I was so used to compiling a list of things I “couldn’t afford”, that I ended up making myself even more sick and miserable, year after year. 

Your Health is an Investment, Not an Expense

Somewhere down the line, we became disconnected from our bodies. We stopped eating whole foods full of nutrients and vitamins. We substituted exercise and moving in the fresh air to globo-gyms with recycled air and repetitive, aggressive movements. We forgot about the mantras, the chants, the medicine of song and dance. Many of us find ourselves in the cycle of feeling stressed, tired, overweight, unhappy, unsatisfied, and bored. This is not how we were meant to live. We aren’t supposed to strictly “survive” our day-to-day, we’re meant to thrive.

When we find ourselves in a cycle similar to what I mentioned above, it’s easy for us to find reasons why we won’t be able to get out of said cycle. We blame genetics, our lack of income to see a doctor or pay for the expensive supplements all the health gurus tell us we need. We tell ourselves the story we don’t have the time, the money, the support- the list goes on. But here’s the solid truth that no one has dared to say because quite frankly, it isn’t sexy and it isn’t profitable- You aren’t making your health and well-being a priority. Period. This usually comes from a lack of value systems and understanding our self-worth. I’m going to tell you RIGHT NOW, you are SO worth investing in, and your HEALTH is so worth the investment. 

How do we go from a “lack-mentality” in our consciousness to an “abundance mentality”? Changing our inner dialogue from “I can’t afford this” to “I deserve this” is one of the easiest steps to take, and it doesn’t cost you anything. My twenties pretty much consisted of avoiding doctor visits, and doing my best not to end up in a hospital because I didn’t have health insurance. I looked at anything outside the realm of going to the gym as a luxury I just simply couldn’t afford. I was viewing these outside sources as unnecessary expenses, not an investment for my future self and my health.

Protect Your Health During, “Flu Season”

Hmm.. Why the quotation marks, you ask? Because the, “Flu Season” isn’t a thing. As a collective, many people come down with the flu during the fall and winter months especially because of the inability for our bodies to adapt to decrease sun exposure. Mix this with stress for end of the year holidays, shuttling the kids back and forth to their practices and training, less water intake and usually more alcohol intake, and let’s not forget the extra sugary snacks, artificial holiday drinks, and an increase in heavy “comfort” food. It’s a recipe for disaster. We create internal chaos for our system, our immunity levels are super low, and we catch the flu of the week. 

Want some immunity-boosting tips for the Fall? Listen to, Welcoming the Fall Equinox” podcast with Erin Oberlander for some practical tips and advice for thriving during the fall and winter months.

How can we support our bodies and our immune system in the most ethical and economic ways? Below is a list of a few natural remedies that are super worth the once-in-a-while splurge and investment, as well as practical tips you can incorporate in your daily practice that will help boost your immunity and protect your health. 

Holistic Practices That Are Worth The Investment

High Quality Probiotics

I know. Five or six years ago if you told me I’d be buying $65 dollar bottles of probiotics I would have laughed and said, “yah, sure bro.” I also at the point had not experienced dengue in the midst of the jungles in Mexico. Want to know one of the main things that got me out of that horrible, less than desirable experience? Probiotics. Of course, high quality doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be expensive. And what works for me may not work for you. We all have different genetics, and have gone through different traumas in our lives. For me, I had constant ulcers and stomach problems as a child all the way through my teenage years. I was a nervous, stressed out, introverted being and I did absolutely nothing for probably 25 years to address my gut-health. 

What Are Probiotics? Probiotics are live bacteria that line your digestive tract and support your body’s ability to fight off infection and absorb proper nutrients. According to a study in 2016, it was found that our bodies contain almost the same amount of bacteria in our gut as it does for cells in our entire body. This really puts into perspective how important our gut health is. 

Why Should I Invest in Probiotics for My Health? Having healthy amounts of good gut-bacteria is extremely beneficial for your health. It’s responsible for creating enzymes that destroy harmful bacteria. Good gut-bacteria is responsible for producing vitamin B12 and vitamin K2. Vitamin k2 helps activate certain proteins that play a role in calcium metabolism, heart health, and blood clotting. In 2015, a study revealed the direct link to the “gut-brain connection” and notes the complex dance that happens within our gut and brain. Some early research suggests a link to aiding in our mental health with the use of good quality probiotics.

Which Probiotics are Best For Me?

This is very dependent on you,  your body, and what it needs. I always suggest to get the real deal before spending money on secondary supplementation. What foods are naturally high in probiotics?

  • Fermented vegetables such as Kimchi and Sauerkraut
  • Probiotic-rich non-pasturized greek yogurt
  • Kombucha
  • Kefir
  • Miso Soup
  • Pickles/ Pickled vegetables

For those who already know they have difficulty absorbing nutrients (ahem, Hi!), a probiotic supplement is probably the route you want to take. ALWAYS consult with your doctor, nutritionist or naturopath before beginning new supplements into your diet. 

Below are some of my most recommended probiotic supplements.

Bone Broth

Bone broth is extremely nutritious and holds so many health benefits. Bone broth is a highly nutrient dense liquid containing brewed bones, herbs, vegetables and connective tissues. To make bone broth, you can use cow, pork, chicken, and or fish bones. Drinking bone broth has been studied extensively in the past five years and may be beneficial for the joints, immunity and digestive system, among many other things.

Photo from Dr.Axe

Can I buy bone broth? Or do I need to make my own? Personally, I prefer to make my own bone broth. It is a labor of love and patience is definitely needed as it takes up to 8-12 hours for some recipes. However, when I make my own broth, I know exactly which ingredients are being used and I can alter the flavors. Over the past three to five years, bone broth has been growing in popularity and companies have hopped on the Bone Broth train- allowing for the health benefits of this liquid gold concoction along with the convenience of buying pre-made. Either way, as long as you take into account where the bones and produce are coming from, both are fine options.

What are the Benefits of Bone Broth? There are SO many benefits for drinking and enjoying bone broth for your health and immunity. As the fall and winter months approach, one of the best things you can do for your immune system is drink some broth on a regular basis. Below are some key benefits of bone broth.

  • May protect joints and benefit joint health
  • May help fight osteoarthritis
  • Can help reduce inflammation
  • Heals the gut
  • May aid in restful sleep
  • Boost in collagen (cellular rejuvenation)
  • Increase in bone strength

High Quality Bone Broth Brands

I completely understand. You have a life, maybe you have kids, maybe you have a full course load for school and work part time. Maybe you aren’t very time-rich yet, but you want to take the right steps towards your holistic health journey. Here are a few of my absolute favorite, high quality, ethical bone broth brands and companies.

Holistic Practices That Are Economical

If you aren’t fully able to invest in your health due to financial reasons – I have you covered! There are a handful of simple changes you can do to your routine that will help boost your immunity and benefit your health and overall well-being. I know- this is probably “health advice” you have heard a million times. However, I want to challenge you to try these tips in a week and see how your body responds. You never know- it may just turn into part of your holistic routine.

Get Restful Sleep

I know this isn’t news to anyone, and we hear this ALL the time. When it comes to your immunity and health, sleep plays a huge role. TO be clear, sleeping or getting extra sleep won’t prevent you from getting sick. Lack of sleep will trigger our immune response and possibly suppress your immune system, leaving you susceptible to the cold or flu. Our body needs time to rest and regenerate. If you find your schedule being disrupted by obligations, busy work week, etc., it’s best to fully invest in some naps. According to the National Sleep Foundation, “Taking two naps that are no longer than 30 minutes each —one in the morning and one in the afternoon—has been shown to help decrease stress and offset the negative effects that sleep deprivation has on the immune system.  “

In a recent study published in 2017 mentions, “when sleep deprived people are given a vaccine, there is a lower antibody response and if you expose sleep deprived people to a rhinovirus they are more likely to get the virus,” Generally speaking, a healthy sleeping pattern is integral for our survival. Our bodies need sleep to fight off infectious diseases as well.

Long term lack of sleep can also increase your risk of obesity, diabetes, heart and blood vessel diseases. Research indicates your body reacts to sleep deprivation by producing what scientists call a “c-reactive protein”. This particular protein is a marker for inflammation, which plays a huge role in many diseases.

Stay Hydrated!

This also is another tip that sounds so simple (because it is!), but many of us don’t get our recommended amounts of water daily. Typically during the winter months we find ourselves dehydrated and inflamed which is a welcome mat for virus’s and dis-ease. If you think about it, our physical composition is like 70% water. If we’re not drinking water then we’re depriving our body of hydration. Want to know something else? We typically tend to get a more restful sleep when we’re fully hydrated and less stressed.

Drinking fluids and staying hydrated is crucial to staying healthy and maintaining the function of our organs and body, including your heart, brain, and muscles. Fluids carry nutrients to your cells, flush bacteria from your bladder, and helps prevent from being constipated, which can lead to a lot of GI and lower abdominal discomfort.

Many people find it hard to start drinking more water on a daily basis. When we find ourselves chronically dehydrated, our bodies tend to be a little bit more acidic within our Ph – system. An acidic body = a welcome mat for dis-ease. An alkalized body = healthy. Making sure our bodies are in an alkaline state also helps fight free-radical damage and inflammation while supporting healthy cellular regeneration within your body so you can stay healthy and thrive.

Invest In Your Health Now For A Healthy Future

Life rips sometimes. And its hard for many of us to focus on our health or create healthy habits for ourselves. Falling off the ball or having a difficult time “starting” a new routine is perfectly normal and doesn’t make you less of human being. Hopefully these tips gave you some insight and can encourage you to implement at least one or two new things on your road to health and wellness. Be well!


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My Weekend with an Audio Porn Star

Audio erotica (or audio porn) is a large and emerging platform. I spent the weekend with Jim from Feel-Good Filth to explore conversations on sexuality and more. It’s 2 am and I’m sipping on a lemon la croix… and I have Jim from Feel-Good Filth to thank for my new found admiration for this fizzy little drink. Who’s Jim from FGF, you ask? well…

Jim is one of the many artists in a new genre of pornography/ erotica in audio format. Audio erotica (or audio porn) is a large and emerging platform. I spent the weekend with Jim from Feel-Good Filth to explore conversations on sexuality, mental health, healing with therapy and cannabis, and so much more.

What IS Audio Porn?

Audio porn is exactly like it sounds- and ranges from super vanilla boyfriend cuddle talk all the way to filthy, dirty-talking, or even “overheard” sounds of couples doing the dirty-dirty. The sky is literally the limit as new platforms start to emerge such as Quinn and Dipsea. These platforms not only encourage women (and all genders) to explore their sexuality through a different, immersive experience but it also allows the listener to fully engage within their own pleasure. Visual pornography – in my honest opinion – 9 times out of 10 glorifies unrealistic body standards.

Exploring Sexuality in a Safe Environment

Many womxn have reached out to me over the past few months since Jim and I first recorded our podcast. A notable amount of comments mentioned their preference to audio erotica over the more traditional, visual pornography. A general consensus expressed the feeling there was very little representation of natural body sizes in visual porn along with underlying tones of misogyny and influences of glamorizing rape-culture.

When I reached out to Jim’s fans, I was really taken a back by how many women mentioned they have been able to explore their sexuality in a safe environment, a concept that was completely new and freeing to some. Beyond sexuality, many women also noted a boost in confidence with a deeper understanding more about who they are as a person.

You Matter, And Your Pleasure Matters

I’m going to be honest, I can’t remember at any point in my 5th and 7th grade health class/ Sex-Ed being told that my pleasure matters. And from a standard Western viewpoint, many people find that to be a totally radical concept. The act of sex, not even making love, has become so mechanical, with expectations of some huge big climax at the end. Women aren’t encouraged to explore their bodies and sexuality, and Men are rarely given the tools to navigate their partners pleasure. Many folks lack the capacity of engaging in sex, kink space, and explorations of pleasure as an experience and simply seek the pure satisfaction of the climax . During my weekend with Jim, our conversations of sexuality and speaking openly about both of our neurology was extremely inspiring to me.

I could count on one hand the amount of times in my life that I had a partner who was ever adamant about the experience of my pleasure – not just focused on the end result. Coming from someone of the opposite sex, it was truly refreshing hearing Jim’s perspective and his viewpoints on human sexuality, mental health and his journey, and speaking confidently about creating a safe space in the audio erotica community to welcome others to understand that their pleasure matters.

The Future of Audio Porn + Censorship

Recently, Jim had found out without warning that his original instagram account was deleted without any strikes or warnings. Anything that might have been NSFW was always blurred out on his content. Would the same thing have happened if he had his on account “private”? It’s hard to say. Social media platforms are always changing the terms of agreements, seemingly choosing what is and is not appropriate, which posts get the most viewership… It seems a little too big-brother-y for me. With this new and emerging genre of porn, many audio erotica artists utilize platforms such as instagram and twitter to promote their brands and content. It’s unfortunate that many people find themselves having to go through so much red tape to promote sex-positive content.

Whether audio erotica sounds like something you might be interested in exploring or maybe it’s something too far out of your comfort zone, I fully believe this emerging platform is going to change the way we view porn and sexuality. And if we’re lucky, we’ll have amazing allies like Jim, pioneering the way.

Where You Can Find Jim

Activated Lifestyle podcast

Welcoming the Fall Equinox Podcast Notes

Happy Fall Equinox! The Fall Equinox is the transitional decline from the Summer Solstice leading into the shortest day of the year on the Winter Solstice. This year, in 2019, the Fall Equinox lands on 9/22- 9/23. Autumn is often seen as a season of mystery and darkness, but it is also a celebration of new beginnings and closing old chapters.

Erin Oberlander

In this podcast episode, I have an amazing conversation with my dear friend, Erin Oberlander, certified aromatherapist. Erin has a background in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) as well as Ayurveda. She is just sooo full of knowledge, and has even created an amazing online academy, The Intuitive and Seasonal Living Academy. This online academy comprises of Kori Messer, Inspired Life Strategist, and Erin, Certified Holistic Aromatherapist. Together, they have collaborated to bring all online students an offering that includes personal development of Body, Mind, and Soul while you connect with the ancient wisdom traditions of Ayurveda & Traditional Chinese Medicine and the modern art of Aromatherapy.

Topics Discussed in The Fall Equinox Podcast

This episode is full of so much amazing information. Below are the time stamps and shows notes. To follow Erin, or sign up for her Intuitive Seasonal Living Academy, be sure to scroll down to the bottom for all of her links and social media handles!

3:37- 4:05 – Erin’s background and Intuitive Seasonal Living Academy
6:45-9:20 – Elemental changes of Fall according to TCM
9:22-10:50 – Protective Chi
11:02-13:01 – Aromatherapy for Immunity Boosting in the fall
13:50-18:00 – Embracing seasonal changes
19:00-22:13 – Erin is a Prarie Perma-Ninja
22:13-24:00 – Taking the Dogma out of our belief systems
24:17-30:23 – TCM / Amplifying our Chi for the Fall
30:40- 31:55 – Bringing in warms colors & earth elements into our environment during Fall
32:07-43:00 – Grounding during the Fall season
44:29-47:00 – Establishing Morning/ Evening routines during the Fall
47:02-48:15 – Are you saying “Yes”, to your commitments out of shame, guilt, or obligation?
49:00-52:17 – Celebrating during our “Harvest Seasons” of our lives
52:26-56:17 – “Digital”/Detox during the seasonal shifts
56:20-59:07 – Yerba Mate Tea for grounding
59:22-1:06:00 – Whats the TEA on PSL (Pumpkin Spice Lattes) ? Should we be drinking cold brews during the Fall months?
1:07:00-1:20:00 – Cacao + Cacao Ceremonies – How do we honor this seed? Is it Westernized Rituals or Indigenous Ceremony?
1:20:00 -1:27:00 – Finding clarity in our grounding practices
1:27:13- 1:28:00 – Finding your Medicine

Mentioned in the Episode…

Follow Erin Oberlander

Erins Instagram
Erins Website
Intuitive & Seasonal Living Academy

There are affiliate links within this post. As an affiliate, I receive a small percentage of certain items purchased. These small commissions earned help keep Activated Living ad-free. Please see affiliate page and privacy policy for full details.

Canna-recipes Healing

How To Make Cannabis Coconut Oil

Cooking with cannabis doesn’t have to be difficult or intimidating! The first skill to master on your cannabis culinary path is creating a solid base for your edibles. Typically cannabis has been infused with butter, however, if a plant based option is more your style, you’ll definitely want to try making cannabis infused coconut oil.

Benefits of Cannabis Coconut Oil

These are some benefits when it comes to cannabis coconut oil. Coconut oil is quite arguably one of the best oils for creating strong cannabis infusions, salves, topicals and medicinal edibles because it has a high saturated fat content. Coconut oil is naturally high in fat and is a great alternative to animal products such as butter (no shade, I still love making medicated ghee). What makes cannabis coconut oil so potent is the unusually high amount of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) found in the oil, which is a great binder for the cannabinoids in the cannabis plant and is an excellent “driver” of nutrients to the body. What does this all mean? The coconut oil makes it capable of absorbing more THC, Terpenes, Flavinoids and Cannabinoids than the traditional route when using butter or other types of oils for medicated infusions. While butter has a saturated fat of about 60%, coconut oil is about 90% saturated (GOOD) fat.

Dosing & Potency

When it comes to cooking with cannabis and cannabis infusions- dosage is an important factor. Too much THC can lead to an overwhelming feeling of anxiety or paranoia – yeah, not fun. In this recipe, I use 7 grams of flower to 1 cup of coconut oil. Keep in mind that this is an estimation, as potency can get lost in the process of making your infusion. It also depends on the strength and potency of the flower you choose.

Example Break Down: Every 1 gram of cannabis bud has 1,000 mg of dry weight. If a strain has about 10% THC, 10% of 1,000mg would be 100mg. For cooking with cannabis and baking at home you can assume that a gram of cannabis contains about 100mg THC.

In this recipe, the potency breakdown goes as follows:

  • THC % = 24.09% ( In this recipe I used Amnesia Haze strain which was testing very high)
  • THC in entire infusion = 1,686.30 mg
  • THC per teaspoon of infusion = 35.13 mg
  • THC per ml of infusion = 7.12 mg

***These numbers and potency will vary depending on the strain of your cannabis, cook time, and decarb. As a rule of thumb, whenever I’m cooking a recipe with medicated oil for the first time, I test it out by adding 1-2 tbsp and go from there.



Realizing You’re in a Toxic Relationship

I’ve had a lot of toxic people weave themselves in and out of my life; they’ve come in the forms of acquaintances, so called “friends,” romantic relationships and even family members. Toxic people seek out gentle souls; they want someone to pick apart, to dismantle from the inside out and poison them with their manipulation until they’re a shell of their former selves. They see something beautiful within you, something they don’t have or see within themselves. They want to destroy that light that’s in you, to bring you down to their level. It’s sometimes hard to see a situation for what it is when you’re in it yourself. You can’t really see it from an “outside looking in” perspective, making it more difficult to identify. 

But once you’ve hit that realization, that overwhelming knowledge of, “What happening?”- it hits you like a bolt of lightning; completely shocking your system and leaving you in a state of distress. It’s a hard pill to swallow, that you couldn’t see what was right in front of you. But coming to that realization, that’s the beginning of how you take your power back. When a toxic person can no longer control you, they may try to control how others see you. That’s their way of trying to keep the control they had over you intact but with your new knowledge, you now know the game they’re playing. You may feel inclined to react, to reach out to them to say something, but that’s exactly what they want. And here’s the thing. You. Don’t. Owe. Them. Anything.

“They see something beautiful within you, something they don’t have or see within themselves. They want to destroy that light that’s in you, to bring you down to their level. “

You have every right to cut toxic people off and out of your life without any explanation or warning. It’s one of the hardest things you’ll ever do but you owe it to yourself to drop the baggage of them holding you down. They’ve taken enough from you, they don’t deserve to get anything else out of you. You deserve to make yourself a priority. The road to healing isn’t an easy one; it’s bumpy, difficult and sometimes hard to face. But know this; you WILL get through it, you WILL heal from the damage they have inflicted. The scars that are left behind from them do not define you, they are apart of you, but they are not who you are. It’s an everyday thing healing, an every minute thing, to heal from various types of trauma. Some days will be easier than others but little by little, the weight of the situation will lessen over time. I know this first handedly because I’m a sadly no stranger to this type of treatment and I myself am still healing everyday.

“…we are only human and we all make mistakes. And sometimes, some of those mistakes just happen to be people. “

The most important take away is to be kind and forgive yourself, we are only human and we all make mistakes. And sometimes, some of those mistakes just happen to be people. Unfortunately people don’t come with a warning label and looks can be deceiving, you never really know whats lying just underneath the surface of someone’s intentions. But everything is a learning experience, whether it’s good or bad. Life is all about the journey, not the destination. It doesn’t matter how long the journey takes because the journey is never ending, so don’t give up along the way to get there. Remember to be gentle with yourself, we’re all just a work in progress. 

So I’ll end this with a short but powerful statement. When you forgive, you heal. And when you let go, you grow. And that, that is where your power lies.

Rebecca Pallack is an inspiring writer born and raised in the Chicagoland area. When she’s not filing a page with her inner most thoughts, she has four legged creatures to keep her days busy. Writing has always been one of her passions, with words flowing as freely to her fingertips as air flows deeply into lungs. Through her writings hopes to make the world a better, more understanding place, one passage at a time.

Canna-recipes Healing Nourish

Medicated Turmeric Quinoa Bowls

Medicated turmeric quinoa bowls are one of my favorite plant-based meals. This recipe can be modified to your liking, so this can be a completely vegan, plant-based meal or your can add your favorite meats. This recipe utilizes four main ingredients that bring plenty of nutrition to the body. The four main ingredients include:

Medicated Coconut Oil Benefits

Coconut oil is a popular form to make medicated oil. Coconut oil contains Lauric acid — when digested, lauric acid creates a monoglyceride that acts as an antimicrobial agent. Coconut oil has among the highest concentration of fatty acids (good saturated fats). The abundance of these fatty acids in the coconut oil create a stronger binding agent for cannabinoids. Compounds in cannabis are fat soluble. Coconut oil has a very high saturated fat content for a plant-derived oil. Combination of these as a mixture can help boost the immunity and improve health

Turmeric Benefits

Turmeric is considered to be one of the most powerful herbs on the planet. As of right now, there are over 13,000 peer-reviewed studies on the topic of turmeric. Turmeric contains Curcumin, which is the active ingredient responsible for so many of its benefits. Research has shown that turmeric plays a responsible role in aiding in helping with depression. These results seem to be connected to the way curcumin impacts neurotransmitter function through the brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF).


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Canna-recipes Healing Nourish

Medicated Turmeric Golden Latte

Turmeric Tea or Golden Lattes have been a huge buzzword since 2016. If you’ve been in the wellness world for a while, you probably know about the immense amounts of nutritional and healing benefits turmeric has. If you haven’t tried a golden latte yet, you’re missing out! It is a creamy and dairy-free hot drink that’s packed with nutrients. By adding cannabis to this delicious and potent latte, not only will you be ingesting the nutrients of turmeric and ginger but you will be getting a lot of benefits from the cannabis plant as well. Turmeric may be one of the most effective nutritional supplement in existence. Curcumin is a component found in Turmeric that is strongly anti-inflammatory. In fact, curcumin is so powerful that it matches the effectiveness of some anti-inflammatory drugs, without the side effects.

When is the Best Time to Drink a Medicated Golden Latte?

There’s no wrong way to drink this medicated golden latte. However, due to the specific spices and herbs in this drink, studies have shown that this combination may help with better, restful sleep and relaxation. This drink is very warming and comforting, which is why I enjoy drinking this in the evening. Consuming turmeric supports digestion, immune function, liver function, and may even offer protection from some types of cancer.

What I love about this medicated golden latte recipe is that this drink actually maximizes the natural antioxidant power of turmeric because it is served hot and is combined with other beneficial spices and a little bit of fat.


You should not rely on this information as a substitute for, nor does it replace, professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have any concerns or questions about your mental or physical health, you should always consult with a physician or other health-care professional.



There are affiliate links within this post. As an affiliate, I receive a small percentage of certain items purchased. These small commissions earned help keep Activated Living ad-free. Please see affiliate page and privacy policy for full details.

Canna-recipes Healing Nourish

Medicated Vegan Gluten-Free Pancake Recipe

Who doesn’t love pancakes? Cannabis is an intelligent, nutrient-dense plant and my goal is to treat it as any other culinary ingredient. Enjoy this delicious, vegan and gluten free medicated pancake recipe with an organic blueberry compote.

What I love about this recipe is that it’s extremely versatile and great for the morning. The specific strain I used for my medicated coconut oil is Cannatonic. This strain is known to be lower in THC and higher and CBD. I like using this strain for my meals when I know I want a more mellow and relaxing experience.

This is also a great recipe to have in the morning because you won’t be left feeling too heavy or sluggish after enjoying your medicated pancakes.


You should not rely on this information as a substitute for, nor does it replace, professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have any concerns or questions about your mental or physical health, you should always consult with a physician or other health-care professional.