Activated Living Mind Body Soul

ACTIVATED LIVING was birthed from a combination of intuition + vision.

My main philosophy is Love Yourself, and the rest is just a beautiful, added bonus! Many of us have lived a life full of obligations, feeling empty and un-fulfilled. I believe this is just our heart telling us we have lost our focus on what ignites the passion inside of us. Is your internal passion for life a flicker or an abundant flame? These are the questions I ask myself on a regular basis.

I’ve made plenty of mistakes and have picked up many amazing tools while on my journey. Some of these include:

  • Awakening to my inner intuitive gifts
  • Understanding what an Empath is
  • Learning how to live fully from my Core Source
  • Practicing ancient and sacred applications
  • Following holistic and natural practices 

Our world is in desperate need of divine drive and sacred influence.  It’s time to fully reclaim it. For me, the best and most balancing way is to activate my passions through Mind, Body + Soul recognition.

I’ve created Activated Living to cater to those who seek more insight on natural nutrition, spirit + heart centered living, high vibrational eating, and honoring the sacred intuition that is in every single one of us.


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I BEGAN Activated Living with a vision. I had a desire to find accessible information of health and wellness. I have always been interested in natural medicine and holistic living. Over the past few years I have connected with several healers and learned so much about myself on all levels. Conscious living, thinking, and a holistic lifestyle has brought so many amazing things into my life. I’ve shifted the way I look at life and how I walk & hold myself in this world.


I’ve lived a pretty exciting life, along with it’s natural ups and downs. I traveled all throughout California and when I wasn’t even looking, found amazing adventures that has formed me into a strong, loving, woman. Through my journey I’ve found great resources and information that just speaks to my heart.  My goal is for this brand to serve as a source of inspiration and positivity.