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January 5th, 2016

Time:  7 PM PST

Price: Free live Webinar  – OR –

$25 USD for all 5 webinars + bonus gift

It’s 2016 and you’re looking to make this year a year of change. For me, I’ve been on a journey of making gradual lifestyle changes that align me to my highest good. Over the past 5 years I’ve noticed one of the major themes that keeps coming up for me is making healthy alternatives. I took stock in how my mood was, my reactions towards situations, and my body in general when I would drink daily cups of coffee. This 45 minute webinar will be the first of 5 installations on making healthy changes and alternatives to your daily lifestyle. For details, click here

January 9th, 2016

Time: 2 PM PST

Price: Free live webinar  – OR –

$25 USD for all 5 webinars + bonus gift

Gather within a community of men + women interested in cultivating vitality and longevity into their life through nourishing food. Whether you’ve indulged a bit too much during the holidays, or looking for some extra motivation to stay on track, I have your back! During this 45 minute webinar we will discuss which vegetables and herbs are the best to bulk up on during the winter months,  along with a simplified plan to introduce into your life that will help balance your Ph and alkalize your system. This is a complimentary webinar open to everyone! Be sure to reserve your spot and sign up ahead of time by messaging me here

January 15-18

Airport Pick up/ Drop off: 4PM

Price: $1,111 – $1,375

We’ve had many inquiries about our last retreats we’re offering in Mexico and we decided to put together a last minute weekend getaway experience January 15-18th! If you’ve been telling yourself you want more adventure, more relaxation, more travel, and new experiences – I’d say check flights ASAP and get you bum down here to Mexico with us! On a budget? No problem! We want to give you the ultimate value for your stay out in Sayulita, Mexico, so we’ve worked it out to make this the most economical retreat we’ll be offering in terms of international tropical retreats. Work-Trade discounts can be considered. Be prepared for 3 days of pampering on all levels: mind, body, and soul. For more info, click here

February 13, 2016

Time-  4 PM PST

Price: Free live Webinar  – OR –

$25 USD for all 5 webinars + bonus gift

Self love. Self care. Self nurture. Are you ready to go beyond the positive affirmations and shatter through a glass ceiling you’ve created for your self worth? These are a few key points we will be touching upon during this 1 hour webinar. In my humble opinion, self-love isn’t about standing infant of a mirror saying nice things to yourself for a few minutes and then returning to bad habits. It’s a life-practice. It’s a radical shift in an lifelong commitment of nourishing your soul and loving yourself. For the longest time I never thought of asking myself the question, “What do I want and how do I want to feel?” The day I shifted my mindset and got real with how I wanted to feel and be treated, miracles began to happen. Let’s connect for an hour, and talk about the reclaiming the love for ourself back into our heart center.

March 23 – 27

Airport Pick up/ Drop off: 1 PM

Price: $1,800 – $2,222

I am so excited to share with you the magical energy of the desert. I consider Palm Springs to be one of my second homes. Activated Living welcomes you to gather together & form a tribe honoring the power of the full moon energy, feast on high vibrational foods, morning pranic breath work, daily fitness and yoga sessions, bohemian desert dwellings, and so much more!

May 19-22, 2016

Airport Pick Up/ Drop off – 3 PM PST

Price: $1,500 – $1,800

GMB Trainer Daniel Spencer & Amanda Smith of Activated Living invite you to the beautiful, abundant surf village of Sayulita, Mexico! A cohesive collaboration of physical fitness, holistic wellness, and absolute relaxation await you May 19-22, 2016. We will be sharing info on breath work techniques, movement and mobility, health and wellness, along with exploring the Sayulita Lifestyle (jungle hikes, full immersion of ocean adventures and more). Daniel Spencer is a certified GMB trainer and specializes in inversions and handstands. To all my fellow yogi’s looking for proper education on inversions – this is the retreat for you! Amanda will be sharing ancient traditional recipes for healing. You will be treated every morning with high vibrational foods and smoothies. For more in depth run down of our retreats, please click here.

October 13 -17, 2016

Time-  4 PM PST

Price: starts at $1800.00 USD

Join us for 4 nights and 5 days in Sayulita on October 13-17th! If you’ve been telling yourself you want more adventure, more relaxation, more travel, and new experiences – I’d say check flights ASAP and get you bum down here to Mexico with us! On a budget? No problem! We want to give you the ultimate value for your stay out in Sayulita, Mexico, so Work-Trade discounts can be considered. If you’ve been looking for a warm getaway this fall and haven’t given yourself full permission to take the time off you need from work or life in general, now is your chance!  This retreat will include amazing and one of a kind experiences such as yoga intensives, acupuncture or deep tissue massage, ancient temezcal (sweat lodge) and much more! For more information on what’s included and how to reserve your space, click here

Sayulita Retreats

November 11 – 13, 2016

Airport Pick up/ Drop off: 3 PM

Price: $1100 – $1300

I am so excited to invite you to Sayulita, Mexico for 3 full days of pampering, relaxation, cleansing, and rejuvenation. Join me in Mexico, November 11-13th for a long weekend of everything mentioned above with a few surprises! Around this time of year, I notice myself taking into stock everyone else around me and not focusing on my desires and my needs. I make sure everyone else is taken care of and I find myself running on empty half the time. Can you relate? Take a relaxing getaway before the holidays and hit the reset button to remove any stress, blockages, or stumbling blocks holding you back. This retreat is perfect for:

  • Anyone who has been looking for a fun, tropical getaway
  • Those who enjoy and appreciates the value of body work and gentle restoration
  • Someone who is looking for a fantastic experience while focusing on healthy eating habits, and low intensity- instant result fitness and wellness
  • Travel junkies, wanderlust gypsies, yoga babes, health nuts, and anyone who is fully committed to living a prosperous and vital life

This retreat will be unlike any other we have hosted in the past. If you’re interested in a full rundown of what is included, be sure to check out the Sayulita Retreats page here.

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