Coffee Alternatives Webinar


Date: Tuesday, January 5th

Time: 7 PM PST

Price: FREE Live Webinar  – OR –

$25 USD to purchase all 5 recordings  + bonus gift


This is the first of 5 installments I’m creating on healthy + holistic living and incorporating small changes into your lifestyle. It’s 2016 and you’re looking to make this year a year of change. For me, I’ve been on a journey of making gradual lifestyle changes that align me to my highest good. Over the past 5 years I’ve noticed one of the major themes that keeps coming up for me is making healthy alternatives. I took stock in how my mood was, my reactions towards situations, and my body in general when I would drink daily cups of coffee. For me and my body, it just isn’t sustainable. I notice that when I drink coffee regularly, I get into a highly acidic state and my sleep patterns, emotional body, and my mood changes drastically.


In this 45 minute webinar, I’ll be covering topics such as:

  • Why I felt coffee wasn’t sustainable for my daily routine
  • How I made little changes to integrate new alternatives
  • My 5 favorite coffee alternatives


I once heard that, “What’s most personal is universal”, so I figure if this is something that’s affecting me- I imagine it’s affected others as well. Maybe you’re ready to kick caffeine. Maybe you’re interested in natural, healthier alternatives to get your dose  of caffeine. Whatever the reason, this 45 minute webinar will be the first of 5 installations on making healthy changes and alternatives to your daily lifestyle.

How it works

My live webinars are all complimentary. If you’re unable to attend due to schedule or other circumstances, message me here for a link.

VIP PASS  includes all 5 webinars, exclusive e-book full of recipes including ancient indigenous elixirs and healing teas, plus a bonus gift to be shipped to you for free! To sign up, click here for payment info and receive your complimentary gifts.

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