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Activated Living is a brand that bridges the gap between Mind Body and Soul. Nourish your body + feed your soul. A lifestyle brand focused on health and wellness. Join Activated Living on beautiful retreats in tropical locations, and workshops all over the world.
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My main philosophy is love yourself, and the rest is just an added bonus!

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  • air-purifying-plants

    Natural Air Purifying Plants

    Let’s be honest- toxins and toxicants are everywhere! What are toxicants? A toxic substance introduced into the environment, e.g., a pesticide. Improving your indoor air quality with air purifying plants is a simple solution to reduce air-borne toxicants and allergens.  At times, the indoor air quality......

  • farmers-market-vegan-pad-thai

    Farmer’s Market Vegan Pad Thai

    Vegan Pad Thai is one of my ultimate go-to recipes when I’m not too sure what to cook for myself. This recipe is fast, simple and my own twist for what I find seasonally in the Farmer’s Market. For those who want to add animal-based......

  • navigating-stress

    Navigating Stress

    Nobody is immune to stress. It doesn’t matter if you’re old or young, rich or poor, have brown eyes or blue, have five kids or none. Stress can stem from many different factors and it can create many different symptoms, especially health problems. It’s incredibly......

  • zero waste living

    Zero Waste Living: Kitchen Pt. 1

    Before I knew what “Zero Waste Living” meant, I was always intrigued on finding ways to live my life with less plastic. Years ago when I first moved into my little bungalow in Palm Springs, the first thing I wanted to do was find as......

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