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Activated Living is a holistic wellness and lifestyle brand that integrates everything Mind, Body, and Soul. Health and wellness blog. Clean beauty. Travel.
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Amanda Michelle

Welcome to Activated Living

Activated Living is a place to celebrate the Mind Body Soul connection. Tune into your unique gifts, heal from within and live a holistic lifestyle centered around health and wellness. From awakening to you inner intuitive gifts to practicing ancient and sacred applications, this serves as a place to find your medicine and awaken your soul.


Amanda Michelle, founder and creator of Activated Living, has worked with several ancestral and indigenous practices throughout her life. As a native to the Guarani people in South America, she has honored her indigenous heritage and brings her knowledge of ancestral healing and light work to those seeking the medicine.


In 2018, Amanda Michelle began The Activated Living Podcast which embodies the mind body soul connection. Topics on her podcast include nutritional wellness, holistic living, ancestral wisdom, healing, and so much more. The Activated Living Podcast serves as a sacred space to activate your inner healer and to tune into your heart. Want to pitch an episode? We’re always open to concepts and interviews.

  • Self Care Tips When Your Energy Is Low

    That sensation of your energy slipping away from you, the draining feeling you get. Relaxing seems impossible. Here are self care tips when your energy is low. ...

  • cover image activated living blog- alcohol and mental health

    How Alcohol Can Your Disrupt Your Mental Health

    Many people turn to alcohol when they need cheering up but it only serves as a band-aid solution for a far serious problem, and in fact, can lead to more problems both physically and mentally. A lot of addiction treatment centers have recommended lowering the intake of alcohol down to a few glasses per week in order to avoid incurring mental issues....

  • Invest in Your Health

    Your health is a pure reflection of what is going on inside your body, mind and soul. Physical health is one of the most important things you can invest in, especially during the fall and winter months on the Northern Hemisphere. If you’re anything like......

  • My Weekend with an Audio Porn Star

    Audio erotica (or audio porn) is a large and emerging platform. I spent the weekend with Jim from Feel-Good Filth to explore conversations on sexuality and more. It’s 2 am and I’m sipping on a lemon la croix… and I have Jim from Feel-Good Filth......

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