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Activated Living is a place to celebrate the Mind Body Soul connection. Tune into your unique gifts, heal from within and live a holistic lifestyle centered around health and wellness. From awakening to you inner intuitive gifts to practicing ancient and sacred applications, this serves as a place to find your medicine and awaken your soul.


Amanda Michelle, founder and creator of Activated Living, has worked with several ancestral and indigenous practices throughout her life. As a native to the Guarani people in South America, she has honored her indigenous heritage and brings her knowledge of ancestral healing and light work to those seeking the medicine.


In 2018, Amanda Michelle began The Activated Living Podcast which embodies the mind body soul connection. Topics on her podcast include nutritional wellness, holistic living, ancestral wisdom, healing, and so much more. The Activated Living Podcast serves as a sacred space to activate your inner healer and to tune into your heart. Want to pitch an episode? We’re always open to concepts and interviews.

  • 02 May The Importance Of Your Sacred Space

    For the longest time I never understood why I was not able to be productive or get as much done as I would have liked. I had all the ambition and my engines were revved up, but once it came to following through with a task,......

  • 02 May Morning Glory

    One of my absolute favorite meals to start my day is Raw Yogurt with fresh fruit and juice. I seriously feel so refreshed and fully of energy, ready to take on the day!  I’m All About Sustainable Foods I’m not a huge morning person- but......

  • 28 Sep Cleansing

    There’s something really special and really powerful about the element of water. I have quite an odd relationship with it. There are parts where I feel a slight hesitation when the depth is unknown to me. In my 26 years of age I’ve found myself......

  • 30 Sep The importance of clearing + cleansing your space…

    This isn’t a how-to or tutorial on smudging or cleansing. That’s what Pinterest is for. I want to talk about the WHY and the importance in cleansing a space, clearing your energy and how this ancient practice is a common ritual in our home. If......

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